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Jeremy A. Henry

Here is a list of current works available.

The Wildman Chronicles: The Prophecy Foretold

The Wildman Chronicles: The Prophecy Begins is book 1 in a series of books that take you behind the scenes of the mystery of the prophecy. Book 1 tells you how the prophecy will try to play out as the future story unfolds. The prophecy begins when Mark has a Vision he had never thought would take him in to a realization of what is to come as long as future events play out as they are told to Mark. Will they be fulfilled? or will they go awry and end up setting the world on a path to destruction. Or will they play out to be able to save the world as a whole.

The Wildman Chronicles: The Prophecy Begins

The Wildman Chronicles: The Prophecy Begins is book 2 in a series of books that take you behind the scenes of the mystery of the prophecy. Book 2 introduces two of the main characters of the story line: Terry, a vibrant young woman, and Andy, a young man who suffered as an abused child. Neither really know where their paths are leading, or how important each would be in the starting of the prophecy.

This book introduces Terry, Andy, and their friends, who get all caught up with what can unexpectedly happen in life.

A Romantic Sexy Life For You!

This book is a helpful guide to sex and romance and how it fuels an exciting, romantic sex life!

Inspired by fantasies of finding his true soulmate, Jeremy digs deep into what really can rekindle the flame of a possibly dying relationship.

Poems of the 2020 quarantine: Isolation Outlaw

A short book of poems, this book was written up to and during the 2020 isolation and self quarantine. This book consists of ten poems written by Jeremy A. Henry showcasing his creative side of life and the adventures in his life along the way.

The Tire Kickers Guide to Network Marketing

This book is for those that have been knocking on doors to make a difference in their lives but with no success because of walls blocking them. These people get labeled in this world as tire kickers. They are called this because they knock on every door they find that looks like an opportunity for them to achieve success finally.

I was labeled this at one time, this is why I wrote the book!

Affiliate Steps for Success!: Make Money With Affiliate Programs

Struggle no more! This book breaks down the steps to make money as an affiliate and opens the door to success for those just starting out. Each step is explained in a manner that is easy to understand and follow so you will never feel like a failure in affiliate marketing again. In this book you will discover how the top offshoot affiliate marketers get the most cash-flow and what steps they follow to accomplish this.


When starting a creative adventure knowing more about the types of art is a great start. This guides discusses some of the top types of art forms that you may find something up your alley. This guide will show you some of the types of art forms along with what you would need to get started. Why not get deep down and touch base with your creative side. But what is the best for you. This guide will help you dwindle your choices down.

The Guide for social media and website SEO

Learn the importance of social media and website SEO. In this guide you will learn why your website and social media can create a better experience for you and your potential clients or customers. This guide will help you understand how it's possible to lose valuable traffic from social media and website dead ends.


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