Author Jeremy A. Henry was born in Adrian, Michigan, and spent most of his childhood in Morenci, a small town in southeastern Michigan.

In early 2001, Jeremy decided to jump into entrepreneurship and dug deep into the growing online entrepreneurial world. He spent many hours researching network marketing and affiliate marketing. He received his Personal Computer Programming Diploma from Foley Belsaw Institute in 2011 and his Networking Specialist Certificate from Jackson College in 2014.

Soon, a new venture tickled his adventurous spirit; self-publishing and writing his books. His first book was "Affiliate Steps For Success." Even though Jeremy had researched and gained much knowledge in this field, he still had plenty of self-doubts and was his own worst critic. He thought that his work was not worth pushing any further, but then he decided to take a chance and published it on Amazon. His second book, "The Tire Kicker's Guide To Network Marketing," was written because he felt like he was "kicking the tires" of many programs and opportunities that would lead to his desired success.

Jeremy then realized his dream was becoming a reality and pushed to keep it going by creating a new book in early 2020 called "A Sexy Romantic Life for You!". This book talks about some things you can do in a relationship to help keep that spark of passion going and how to rekindle the flame of affection for each other. Even though Jeremy struggled in past relationships, he has had many opportunities to try these techniques in his relationship experiences and see what worked and what didn't. Most of his relationships leading up to this book release were toxic in many ways, but Jeremy knew that he would one day find his forever true love, so he never gave up hope in his search.

At the beginning of the early months of the 2020 quarantine, Jeremy found his creative passion for poetry once again and compiled a small book consisting of ten poems written by him called "Poems of the 2020 quarantine: Isolation Outlaw." During this time, he had felt heartache and loneliness creep into his life after again thinking he had found a faithful, forever love. Jeremy then found himself in a deep dark place he struggled to release. After writing his emotions into these poems, Jeremy started to feel like his old self again and had gained a new hope that maybe he could still achieve this desire and personal goal of happiness in love.

Jeremy is always looking for new and exciting ways to voice to the world the pain and hurt he has felt in his life. He hopes that others will connect and resonate with his work for many years to come.

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While Jeremy is not writing on a new book, he is working as a "Meditation and Life" coach.

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