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Thank you for checking out my blog!

Let me introduce my self, My name is Jeremy Henry I am 39 years young, I tend to be free spirited, determined, and motivated about achieving my goals and dreams. I carry a lot titles as of today but tomorrow I will never know. I am currently an "Personal computer programmer", Computer Network specialist, Crypto Developer, Digital Nomad, Entrepreneur, Father, Friend, High Priest and supporter of peace and the planet.

I am a high priest with my master in Wicca. I am a child of the Earth Sun Moon and sky I perform hand fasting, home blessings, affirmation of Love, renewal of marriage. I am a firm supporter of peace and a healthy and happy planet. For the normal world I am a programmer, networking specialist, father and friend I enjoy gaming, soccer, hockey, NASCAR, art, classic cars, computers, business Adventures, movies, music and such. I also provide faith-based counseling for those that feel lost and unsure where their faith should go. I do my very best to be open-minded to other religions since I am living my life following different aspects of multiple religions that have meaning and influence how I want to see myself. I also In-vision for  others to be open minded to the idea of following different religions and how it has allowed me to keep an open mind and heart for myself and those that require my services that are off track and need help in redirecting them back to that path I do not discriminate against your faith! please don't discriminate against mine!
more to come as i get more in depth of setting this hole site up.

thanks again for checking me out...

P.S. -  "Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of products promoted on this blog and I may earn a commission if you buy something or sign up. Yay!"

Blessed Be.
Peace to all,

Your Friend
Jeremy Henry