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"The Wildman Chronicles" Book 1 "The Prophecy Foretold".

The Prophecy foretold in a vision of mark. Was not like any other told over the years. Even Nostradamus could not foresee the events of this prophecy to come to fulfillment.

The prophecy's story begins with two star crossed lovers living life after life crossing paths and teaching each other karmic lessons until the day came that Marks future reincarnated life would play a major

roll in the prophecy.

The prophecy foretells that a man would stand alone to defend the bringing of the end of the world against a mighty foe that no one would have ever thought would be so dangerous to the worlds well being.

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"The Wildman Chronicles" Book 2 "The Prophecy Begins".

Terry is a vibrant young woman, Andy, a troubled youth...neither have any clue that they are part of bringing into the world the prophecy of a child of nature and energy. These two are, unknowingly, a part of the bigger picture.

This story tells the tale of the parents of the child of prophecy, who, one day, would unite the world in peace and harmony.

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