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This blog will die in may 2019

So what an amazing last 10 years it has been but unfortunately all things must come to an end eventually so in May the domain link Jeremy a will expire and I will not be renewing it so that means this site will be going dead if you've been subscribing to this site following this site I invite you to keep up-to-date on my activities with my new site that I will be putting 100% of my attention into along with my Nomad cryptocoin is

I've gone through a lot of experiences in the last 10 years and try to share a lot of it with you on this site and if you've been following this site I think you very much for your support and reading my blog and following along and I hope that you'll keep following with the new site and hope that I can keep you up-to-date on what's going on thank you again I do appreciate your support..