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The Coin is dead because no one believed in the developer!

The Coin is dead because no one believed in the developer!

When a crypto currency passes away it's sad to me. This probably Because i see the coin as a reflection of the developer. If you invest in the coin your investing in the developer.

Why do i say this?

Well look at it like this. The coin needs certain things to stay alive and be traded on the market. So if the developer stops providing these things you will not see the coin survive very long and possibly removed from it's current market.

This is kinda of sad because the investments in the project help the developer to keep the coin alive. If the developer is not able to survive and produce results to grow and keep project current it shows in the market depth of the coin. When it is in a steady decline. The activity of a coin keeps the coin in good standards with the trading community and is used more by experts.

So if the developer can't keep the project moving forward wouldn't you say that the coin's life is based on the developers progress to keep him self available to push updates. so he needs to have income. Some people make a life out of developing a crypto currency and focus on almost nothing else.

So the coin becomes there life line to be able to support them selfs to be able to support the coin and community.

Big investor's don't always see it as a good investment for a huge risk but there are some out there that see something about the project and who's behind it's true potential yet to be reached. When you invest in a crpyo project you not only invest for the money you invest in the person behind it. Allowing the person to shine there best and to show the world what they have in side of them that certain things are unachievable in today's age with out stability. So stability is rocky and or non existent.

We as a human species should all invest in each other so we all have a chance to grow to our full potential and be able to leave something for the greater good of the world and the rest of humanity. We have came along way over the years in many aspects of growth. We also have taken many steps back or keep getting stuck at a dead end that slows the progress. This is not a way for all of us to share our home planet with one another.

Investment strategies are risky whether it be on the N.Y. exchange or dealing with any other type's of investment. So why should investing in a person be any different besides you have a little higher of a risk based on the person's moral compass and how they see things around them. I believe that investing in people is our best resource for helping others.

When you shut your door to someone in need you are turning down an investment that could be for something that hits close at home. say the guy you turned down for asking for spare change shows that that person is a high risk and you passing it up could mean that person may never discover space travel, a cure to a disease or creating something so spectacular it benefits all over the world.

when as a human species tend to heard out the weak and allow rewards for the rest. some struggle to get back up and struggle till the end. some tend to slide by, some tend to never get a chance to make there way back to there feet.

Never again would this be an issue when more and more people do invest more in others and show them that you believe in there life and it's not for nothing. We can be a great and wonderful species if more of us showed those down and out the brighter side of who we are inside there may still be hope in this world.

We are family the human race family.

Do you treat family like that.?
Would like you if family treated you like that?

probably not.

But as the world turns so do heads to the things we don't want to see but when sitting at home on the couch playing with your device watching the news. reading this post. you see it all over and it can't be missed most just scroll. others complain but do nothing to help.

Invest in your self for success is true. But when you are so far down you have no hope of gains in your new found investment. you tend to need a small invest from others to help you make your next move. (sorry trader phrase.. lol )

We can do so much for this world. why not show ti what you have .

Investments are on you. and of course not everything is not a good investment. like stocks and crypto you have to pick the smart investments. but some times those low cost ones can surprise you.

Disclaimer Note:
"This post is in no way a investment strategy or finical advice. Any investments or financial futures are best with research and smart investing. This post is not to be taken as such and I do not claim responsibility for bad investing or loss of funds. "

Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry