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No need to rush! When you enjoy the journey.

As most of us know that we tend to be in a hurry to get no where fast. We tend to over look what use to make the trip fun and exciting. 
With today's age of travel we tend to by pass the old things that make this country so amazing. 

Take old route 66 in New Mexico at the Arizona border. There is a great stop called Chief yellowhorse. This place has allot of great information and historic value for the Navajo people that settled there and made it a home for there people. 


As i was driving down the road towards this place i could not help to be sad-in by all the places that use to be a planned stop on the trip on this road. Now are closed and ruined down because of the lack of visitors and money being spent on  suverniers and other goods provided. 


I felt bad for the people that had these places and wondered what they would be like in there prime when people drove cross country and wanted to stop at these marvelous places to learn something of the history of this country and what makes this country great before our lives become to busy to stop and enjoy the journey not just the destination.

I loved seeing chief yellowhorse and was glad i stopped it made the trip to Las Vegas worth it. I think if you ever take a trip across country I think this is a stop you must add on your trip. I know there is so many more places but it's the ones that are off the beaten path some that will amaze you and your family the most.

So With the fast paced would today what is another 20-30 mins on the road to take a break and walk around and enjoy the sites.

I think we tend to over look things when traveling and don't consider what we are missing by taking a plan across the country or driving the freeway at 65-70 miles pr/hr the world goes by so fast you can't enjoy it. and take it all in. 

This is what our world has come to and has been beating the sites to death by lack of tourists and adventure of the open road. 

So I want to take this time to say. I will never miss a spot like this again, not only because it was a great culture experience and the shop. It's because it's these places that make the trip a great journey and makes the destination that more better when finally reached. 

Yes i know the trip may take longer but so what. Why not enjoy it because you may never get to again. 

I would like to take this time to say to all my readers all 5 of you. You guys keep my blog moving and I would love to see your comments and adventure stories below to show what we are missing as american tourist in our own country when we are in a hurry to reach our destination over looking the enjoyment of the journey in it self. 


Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry