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What is the meaning of life

if you think you know me and we have not seen each other in years.

You don't know me then.

I am not the same man I use to Be.

I have changed Things I did not like about my self.

I have also Changed what others did not like about me.

Some was to make them happy even if i felt miserable the hole time.

I am the man today because I didn't like how my life was going and finally put my foot down to make a change the only person that can do that is you, and yourself.

you think your fat then stop feeling sorry for your self and go do something about it.

you to skinny eat.. duh!

you want short hair cut it.

you hate short hair grow it out..

you don't like the car you drive. get a new one

you don't like the house or apartment you live in move.

hate being broke go make some money.

it's really that simple people...

the world is here for you to enjoy and not to worry about things that can not be changed. so focus on those things that can...

remember if you tell your kids they can do anything they set there mind to. Don't forget you can to...

As we become adults some tend to forget this message of positive energy and Hope that is filled in one's self that allows us to make strides towards our goals with success and less failure. Our meaning of life is to live it! Not just to survive it. That is not how i choose to live my life. you can make that choice as well.. we all can do it. I believe in you. so you should to.,

Amen Blessed be Peace to all Jeremy Henry