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How bitcoin price works in rise and fall.

wow did you see bitcoin price yet today.... it's at a staggering 2018 low.

and it is amazing to think at the end of December last year bitcoin was at $20,000

so how is bitcoin price calculated....?

ok to breack it down it is based of the buy and sell of the coin it's self...

when more users buy in the price jumps.

as coin users sell the price drops at every sell...

so say you have $100 in bitcoins right now (satoshi's)

and you sell them at current market value that $100 in bitcoin you just sold is set at current market rate and is sold at that rate.

so for every investor that see's the market dip and sell to keep some profits you actually hurt the market...

This is done because the price of bitcoin is based on the demand and the buy in at that time... so if you buy $100 worth of bitcoin at current value the bitcoin price goes up... so your are actually helping your profit margin when buying in and not selling at at low value...

This is done to help show the current market depth of the coin and how well it is in demand at this time.

So buying in at a low $6100 for a bitcoin can really make you some major money and raise your profits to experiential heights...

So what are you waiting for bitcoin is going to be the money used for all online purchases very soon. it's best to get in on the ground floor while there is still time...

Good luck and happy investing..

Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry