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Bitcoin and the potential for 2018

When Bitcoin started out back on January of 2009 I wonder if the creator ever thought that by December 2017 that Bitcoin would cap at $20,000 for one Bitcoin. When Satoshi Nakamoto Created The Crypto Currency he had in mind a currency that could be used every where without exchange rates, or having to deal with banks control over the currency with a middle man stake in the currency that would allow them to grow interest for them with your money.

Now as 2018 approaches then end of it’s first month the very popular currency has been holding steady at $10,000+ per coin. But the question on the currency coin users minds is “Will the coin reach $20,000 again this year and will it stay steady.”

The answer to that question is yes. Why and how do I know is an easy answer..

The currency value is based on the demand for the coin and how it used. So as of February 2015, over 100,000 merchants and vendors accepted Bitcoin as payment. So that means that more merchants are seeing the value of the coin and allowing it’s valued customers to use the coin for payment of products and services rendered. Witch is also playing a huge part in the growth of every day Americans getting in on the currency usage and allowing the demand for the coin to gain more ground.

So with this in mind the demand raises the value per coin as such the demand for a product allows the price reduce for it. But because this is a currency that has value on markets it gains in value instead of reduction. This allows those of us with less than one coin to have more value for the small amount being held in wallets, exchanges and more.

These days as Bitcoin rises in value per coin you are seeing a large growth in alt (alternative) coins. This mean that you are able to trade off the alt coins for a small amount of Bitcoins witch are called Satoshi’s witch is called after the creator of the Bitcoin currency.

So here is the break down of how Satoshi’s work just in case you are new to the currency.

1000 Satoshi’s = 0.00001000 ( decimal to the 8th place )

now with bitcoin and other alt coins instead decreasing to the 8th place you gain to the hole number..

so with that being said say you have 0.99999999 Satoshi’s so you are very close to one hole bitcoin (1.00000000)

now if you have 1.00000000 bitcoin’s you have at todays value (January 16th 2018 ) $12373.68 witch is a nice amount. But does take quite some time to reach one bitcoin these days working faucets and bitcoin games… most games and faucets pay out as low as 1 satoshi witch is 0.00000001 bitcoins. Up to a few hundred if you find the good one’s…

At this point in the year to transfer bitcoins from one place to onther or to send to friends that use the currency you are looking to to spend about $20 (0.00100000 satoshi’s) for the transaction fee. As the currency gains in value of course the value of that amount of satoshi’s will also grow in $ amount worth.

So what makes the bitcoin claim to hit $20,000 this year well with the year end just before Christendom the value of one bitcoin was about $22,000 witch most users of the currency believed they would see it hit $25,000. S many users where gitty with glee for the season and for the cost of one bitcoin. But unfortunate it never reach that point because as the holiday grew closer allot of users dumped there coins to gain cash for the holiday season because of the economy still being in a repair state. So as the year (2018) progresses the usage of bitcoin regains ground and value growth as long as the united states government stays away from trying to to detour people from going to the very popular currency. This is done because most have stakes in bank stocks and if more users stop using local brick and motor banks they will lose money in the process. So why not try to scare users away from the popular currency.. but the value and large amount of users speak for it’s self.

So my recommendation is to get using the popular coin as of today this week or by months end while the currency is still at a low value and would give you a better chance to see the coin grow you investment in it by the middle of the year.

By june of 2018 the price of bit coin can and should reach $20k - $25k easy so by the end of this year we could see it reach $30k value easy..

so why wait to start when you could be a part of the largest growth of the popular currency in history.

Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry