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How to make money playing games the real way.

"Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of products promoted on this blog and I may earn a commission if you buy something or sign up. Yay!"

Hi Friend,

   So i bet you seen adds and people talking about playing games and getting paid for it... Am i right? To make sure you get your earning you will need to have a bitcoin wallet. I suggest the following based of this list of apps that I personally use to make to manage your bitcoin earnings.

coinbase: -  Coinbase is the #1 bitcoin wallet in the world. This wallet can be attached to your bank and to your paypal account for easy money transfer options. There is no doubt you gotta love that!
Using digital currency is more fun with friends! Once you buy or sell $100 of digital currency or more, you will get $10 of free bitcoin.

Here is My top earning bitcoin apps Enjoy!                                                         

Free Bitcoin Mining - BTC Miner Pool: - Download the best bitcoin miner on the market and use blockchain platform to make all of your dreams come true, so start using your time effectively making real bitcoin! This app is available to users from all corners of the world, so you can enjoy a game any time and any place you are.
Install the app and enter this code below to get free satoshi from my Mining Pool every day.
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Bitcoin Spinner: - *This app is only available in US Play Store.*
Folks, Here's Your Free Bitcoin! Coin Spinner gives you CONSISTENT earnings from day one! You only need a Coinbase account so they can send you bitcoins without having to pay a transaction fee of 50,000 satoshi.

Wheel of satoshi: - Wheel of Satoshi app gives you the opportunity to earn Bitcoin - and as the price of Bitcoin is rising big, day by day - this is a great, risk-free way to get started! Use my referral code and you will get a bonus of upto 1,000 Satoshi when you enter my code when you first login to the application. Here is my referral code: “48GC4M

These apps build the same bitcoin account 

Blockchain Game: - Build the largest blockchain and earn FREE bitcoin!

Abundance: - The ONLY FREE "Money Mindset" App that also actually GIVES YOU MONEY!

Free Bitcoin(aka Weekend Bitcion): - #1 Bitcoin App on both Google Play and Apple! Claim 3000-5000 satoshi an hour (very easily)

Alien Run: - Discover the new and best FREE Bitcoin game from Bitcoin Aliens. Play Daily Missions and the Adventure with hundreds of levels!

Bitcion Aliens: - Kill Aliens and earn bitcoin - includes boss battles and BIG missions.
***Note This app is not in the play store.***

Good Luck in your money adventures..

Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry