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How is your blog doing? Mine is doing great.

Hi readers.

Today I'm going to be talking a little about how my blog is doing and ask you a question...

How is your blog doing?

Really! It's a serious question because if your blog is not producing visits or sales your may just be wasting your time and energy.

When you start your blogging journey you may think that you will get mass amounts of visits daily or monthly right from the start but the true in the matter is you won't.

Blogging us a very dedicated thing it takes time and producing content and value to your readers that make them want to come back for more on a daily bases.

Some bloggers use email marketing others use social media and some even use mass traffic sources and there are a select few that combine all three to drive huge mass amounts of hits to there blog .

The problem is no matter witch you use it won't make a but if difference if you are not giving some kind of value to your readers.

It's that simple. So if you are a blogger and are struggling to grow your blog readers here are a few tips to grow your following.

1. Content-type make it valuable. And stick to a certain niche close to your heart.

2. Don't always try to sell your readers something. Not everyone is a buyer right from the start it might take some time to build trust and value with some readers.. really...

3. Help them find answers. Never leave your readers in sure if they found what they were looking for or not you will lose them after the first visit every time.

4. Interaction with your readers shows them you are here to help them any way you can, and if you can't the can trust you that you will point them in the right direction to get the answers the seek.

So if you can stay with those four things on your blog the traffic you drive to your blog will be more beneficial to you and your visited every time.

Here is a mobile screen shot of my current blog stats as of 6-6-2017

As you can see my daily and weekly visits are very low this only because I am or ly using free traffic sources for my blog and only one source with is fine with me because it gives me more time to create a helpful and content rich blog even tho I don't post daily or even weekly..

As you can also see from this picture I only have just today reached over 10,000 blog hits since day one of starting my blog over 6 months ago..

So take my word for readers do what you feel is best for you and know your blog will not explode over night it does take some time....

So I'll ask you again..

How is your blog doing?

Mine is doing fine by my standards even as low as it is. And truthfully I'm ok with that.

So go do your research and study as much as you can about blogging to make sure it's right for you...

Believe me when I say it's not for everyone..

Also please keep your eyes peeled for my next post witch will be a video blog about my journey and goals I am trying to accomplish and some I am completing.

Till next time.

Blessed be and peace to all
Jeremy Henry