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My final leg of my Myrtle Beach destination

Hello and thanks for joining my blog again

This blog post is going to be a little bit interesting because I'm going to explain a little bit about my experience hitchhiking from Virginia down to Myrtle Beach so this way other people that hitchhike can kind of get an idea of what to experience while doing it

But to tell you from the start hitchhiking is no laughing joke and not something to be taken lightly when hitchhiking you have to be cautious you have to be vigilant you have to be open-minded and you also have to be willing to go the distance on your own

So to start my trip started Auto Christianburg Virginia which was about 30 minutes away from Roanoke Virginia where I kind of started my little journey and went down the Appalachian Trail it did 3 Day hiking and then jumped off the trail and made my way to Myrtle Beach South Carolina

From Christiansburg down to Fort Chiswell Virginia to make my way to 77 to make my way to Myrtle Beach was a great experience I met a very nice lady that was able to help me get to where I need to be and also get a few things to help me along the way and I met some very cool people that you know have big hearts and you know know what it means to enjoy the experience of life. After walking myself down towards I-77 from Fort Chiswell I met a really cool guy that gave me a ride into Hillsville where I spent the night trying to catch a ride with no luck until the following morning that morning I got a ride with a guy from the Detroit area that was done in the area doing Pharmaceutical sales and hook me up with a ride all the way across the North Carolina border from there I transferred over to 74 and made my way East to Myrtle Beach

The rides I caught we're great but it seems like when you're in Virginia South Carolina North Carolina area when you're hitchhiking in you're doing it along the freeway you tend to be stuck in one place for long period of time and you're set to either make a decision to keep trying for where you're at or to go down a side road and make some distance behind you and you know see the backcountry you know that so much beautiful than what it looks like from the freeway you everybody on the freeway is always trying to get somewhere in a hurry and you know they don't allow themselves to experience life because they're always trying to get somewhere fast no and they don't slow down to take it all in.

so if you're hitchhiking through these states are America men's very little freeway travel and more back road travels major State Highway hits are a good way to go and a great way to take in the experience of the state itself and the people in the area so back on subject as I was making my way through North Carolina to get to Myrtle Beach I met some very interesting people and some very nice people at that.

I even met one guy that I swear to God he looks like one of the workers off of one of those car shows on Discovery Channel but he was a really nice guy and he gave me a heck of a ride and got me down to Winston-Salem and was able to get me far enough on the east side of the city to where I was able to transfer from where he dropped me off down to 74 to keep me going I was able to catch a ride from there down to High Point North Carolina and that's where my journey really started to be more of an experience.

I ended up walking from High Point North Carolina exit 65 off of 74 all the way down past Asheboro North Carolina two the 220 business exit from there I caught small rides here and there just to help me down the road until I got past this small little town where I was able to meet some really cool people and was able to grab a bite to eat and talk to a few locals and tell them about my trip so far.

From there I walked more of 220 heading down towards Rockingham North Carolina where I was able to find a ride all the way down to Candor NC. And got dropped off at a Pilot truck stop on 74 from there I was getting a little worried if I would make my deadline to be in Myrtle Beach on time and to be able to enjoy the city a little bit before I headed back out.

while I was there I got stood up by a trucker that said he was going to Myrtle Beach and said he could help me with a ride but either he must have forgot or was in too much of a hurry to get out of there that he forgot that he offered me help with a ride.

well why I was there at the Pilot truck stop there was a guy just hanging around talking to people trying to be friendly and find people to talk to and have a conversation with and it's something he does quite often you know he's not really a bad guy or anything just got a set way of looking at life and how he feels you know things are going wrong in the world and a lot of people don't agree with his opinions you know which is okay but don't hold people's opinions against them because they actually are very kind and generous people they just want somebody to talk to sometimes

So as I was trying to find a ride late Thursday night to get me down to Rockingham because I was going to have a bus ticket lined up to get me all the way down to Myrtle Beach the rest of the way.

I ended up talking with this guy for a few and tell him about what was going on and he offered to take me all the way down to Rockingham to catch the bus in the morning at 9 so I can make it to Myrtle Beach.

well when we get to Rockingham we end up finding out that the bus terminal there is no longer in use and they haven't used it for quite some time and all the other bus terminals in the area where over an hour away and would be hard to catch a bus early morning to Myrtle Beach not knowing when those destinations would be leaving out heading that direction this guy says one on I just take you all the way to Myrtle Beach me looking surprised said if that's okay with you I have no problem with that and he's like I ain't got nothing else better to do and it helps you out so he drove me all the way to Myrtle Beach and drop me off right at my destination and the funny thing is I didn't even get his name so remember when you're traveling that when you least expect it the people with the most caring and generous hearts can come out of the woodwork at the most unexpected time and gives you an experience of meeting very generous and kind-hearted people so my whole entire trip through Virginia North Carolina was one that showed me that sometimes taking the freeway to get to your destiny not always be your best way to go yeah it might be the fastest but just because it's the fastest way doesn't mean it's always going to get you there here just as easy sometimes it's taking the back way that can get you to your destination a lot faster so if you had tried through Virginia and North Carolina I recommend taking back roads and being prepared to do some walking and be prepared to get stuck and certain areas or being able to find places to camp out and rest up for the next day's travel so with experience like mine it's a great way to meet interesting people and actually enjoy the beauty of the state I'm not saying taking the freeway is a bad thing but you may end up stuck in places for longer periods of time and you let a lot of the great scenery of the state pass you by so Choose Wisely and maybe even mix it up a little bit with a little bit of freeway time and a little bit of Back Road time.

Blessed be and peace to all..
Jeremy Henry