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Appalachian trail Virginia area

On my way south out of Roanoke VA I decided to squash out my goal of mountain hiking a trail and lucky there was one pretty close by.

The Appalachian trail reaches from the top of Goergia and Tennessee all the way up the cost into Maine this trail is not for the faint of heart or extremely newbies like my self. With it's steep trails, Rocky cliffs there is allot to be careful with.

My journey on the trail started in Catawba VA and ended near Newport VA witch took me a hole three days to trek across. The most amazing and hardest part of the trail is by dragons tooth. With it's spectacular views and dangerous climbs.

On flat normal terrain I averaged about 3 miles per hour walking with an 50-80 lb bag on my back with the weight being on the heavier side of that I averaged about a mile and half per hour witch was a dramatic decline from when last tracked.
After the three day experience my legs hurt and felt like the was on fire. But it was well worth it to make the trip for the experience, views and to camp out under the mountain stars.

My experience may not be yours but be warned take plenty of time planning and preparation to make the trail trip pack a 30-40 lb bag no more take large containers for water and maybe invest in a water purifier kit or the like so u can use the natural water sources found on the trail.

Enjoy and have fun and be safe..

Jeremy Henry