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Get paid to answer short surveys to shop like normal!

Okay so I know everybody knows that they've heard of one way or another to be able to make money taking surveys and by shopping at places they already shop well I can confirm that there is an actual way you can make actual cash for shopping the places you already shop no matter what items you are getting I've downloaded this app a long time ago and have been using it ever since so far today was my biggest payout the only reason for that is because this is the first time that I actually stopped somewhere 4 items that I normally Buy anyways or on a regular basis and all I did was answer a few questions use my camera phone to take a picture of the receipt and boom I got paid real cash now I know it's not something to consider as a source of income to replace a nine-to-five job butt it is something that can help here and there as it builds it's actually usable in so many ways one aspect I found is using it through the Google Play Store which is awesome because if you're anyone thing like me and you play games it's always good to have a way to make money that you can use for those games so you're not taking it out of your pocket or your paycheck yes sometimes it might take you a little while but at least this way you're able to keep your fingers out of bill money every once in awhile so think about it you use this app on your phone just by installing it and leaving it be you shop at regular places that you normally shop Walmart Dollar General Dollar Tree Big Lots Meijer Kohl's Lowe's Home Depot Menards and many more and then you just wait for a notification that says that you have a survey available and it asks you if you've been to that place lately so you answer yes or no or pick the place that you were at lately out of the list they provide you answer a few quick questions and if they ask you if you still have the receipt take a quick picture of it let it upload and finish your survey then all you do is you check your balance today when I woke up my balance was at zero now I have profited $0.51 for shopping for a few things to help keep my car running in good condition how awesome is that I mean how many people can actually say that they do that so it's something that you may want to take a look into so if you have an Android phone it is seriously a big recommendation to check it out I don't think I get any rewards for referring you I'm just sharing the joy of making money easily with anybody that wants to build small amounts of money that they can use basically for anything they want oh did I mention you can also do cash out to your Paypal account and more there's so many reasons why you should have this app and I've already told you quite a bit why you should... Go and Download Google Opinion Rewards now:

So if you haven't clicked the link I'm going to tell you a few things let me give you reason 2 not go and download this app.

First it doesn't do much but notify you of new surveys that you can take to make money nothing new there plus most Google apps don't move to the SD card and last I knew this one doesn't so it's definitely up to you if you want to burn up space on your internal card of your mobile device with this app you don't get referral credits or earn referral bonuses for people that you refer to the app and they sign up so basically everything you make with the app is just from shopping at stores like you normally would answering a few surveys and letting the cash build also like I had said above it's not something you can turn into a source of income to replace your nine-to-five job butt if you shop a lot and take the surveys take pictures of your receipts you're more than likely able to build up a decent amount of cash with this app so basically those are your negatives following the positives.

But like I said I'm not telling you to go download this app but I am recommending it. Definitely if you are somebody that likes to have multiple sources of income and understand that even small sources of income do add up eventually

So I do recommend you to go Download Google Opinion Rewards now:

Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry

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