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No hope for yourself but yet still there for others

It's hard sometimes to be able to keep hope when things look so grim you tend to beat yourself up over very trivial things and make a mountain out of a molehill most of us don't realize that we do this it's become a routine so common that it's second nature others tend to pay attention to themselves and those around each other that they are able to see things if they are doing or saying so they can adjust their actions to their situations and be adaptable
In this aspect we tend to lose hope for ourselves overtime and through the constant negative thoughts that we put ourselves through on a daily basis we never turned to realize that even though there's so much negativity in the world around us it doesn't have to reflect on how we live our lives so we tend to sit and do well and our own little corners and our guard little spaces and keep to ourselves not realizing that the world around us is welcoming us with open arms

Even though we get down on ourselves we still tend to have hope for other people that they will achieve their dreams and goals for a better existence for themselves and those around them with this being done we tend to focus all of our positive aspects on to other people and leave one for ourselves which leaves us drained feeling worthless miserable insecure suicidal and more

When we don't give up on ourselves it's easier for us not to give up on other people even if they let you down tomorrow you will meet somebody that will treat you differently than somebody that you meant today everybody has their own way of doing things and learning and growing all those Outsiders can do is focus our opinions to the best of our abilities to help them have the best information to inform them to make a intelligent informed decision on any situation that is taking place at that moment how they use it is totally up to them

There are three ways to do this the first one is too take the opinion and run with it this can be a good thing to do at times when you're not coming up with anything on your own it can't have downsides because it may work for you but then when you go to give the opinion to somebody else it may not work for them or vice versa the second way is to take the opinion and break it in two parts and use the pieces that fit your situation the best to help you form your own theory of what you should do this works out because if you're coming up short on answers but you are on the right track some opinions can knock you back on track or even give you ideas to get you further along than where you were at the third is to completely ignore the opinion. This is also an issue when you do this because you're not taking outside criticism of life experience from other aspects to help you along your way not everyone in the world is here to bring you down

Most people live their lives day-to-day others are spontaneous sporadic or schedule there's nothing wrong with any of them you just need to decide when is the appropriate time for any of them and not just to follow one there has to be balanced and yourself before there can be balance along with relationships friends family and significant others and in the world

Never give up on it self..

Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry