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Get $20 when you sign up for a free prepaid card.

Dear Friend, 

I have a NetSpend card and I think you might like one. My message to you is: 
I hope you consider getting a NetSpend Card. I enjoy mine and think you'll enjoy one, too.

The NetSpend card is a smart banking alternative. It is great for everyday and online purchases, managing your money, and there is no credit check.* And, if you direct deposit your payroll or benefits check you can get paid up to 2 days faster.1 

Plus, if you decide to become a NetSpend cardholder, we'll give both you and Jeremy a $20.001. It's our way of saying thank you.2 


In order for you each to get the bonus:You need to order a card*. Click here or type

into your web browser.

If you are asked to enter a referral code, use 2647061548.

Activate the NetSpend card you ordered as soon as you receive it.

Add at least $40.00 to your new NetSpend account. You can add money by direct deposit, load cash at over 130,000 locations3, or transfer money from your bank account.3Once you've completed these steps, you and I will each get a referral bonus of $20.00! 

And once you become a NetSpend cardholder, you can refer family and friends, and earn more $20.00 bonuses! 

Go now and get your card today.

Jeremy Henry

Blessed be
Peace to all.