Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What is the meaning of life

if you think you know me and we have not seen each other in years.

You don't know me then.

I am not the same man I use to Be.

I have changed Things I did not like about my self.

I have also Changed what others did not like about me.

Some was to make them happy even if i felt miserable the hole time.

I am the man today because I didn't like how my life was going and finally put my foot down to make a change the only person that can do that is you, and yourself.

you think your fat then stop feeling sorry for your self and go do something about it.

you to skinny eat.. duh!

you want short hair cut it.

you hate short hair grow it out..

you don't like the car you drive. get a new one

you don't like the house or apartment you live in move.

hate being broke go make some money.

it's really that simple people...

the world is here for you to enjoy and not to worry about things that can not be changed. so focus on those things that can...

remember if you tell your kids they can do anything they set there mind to. Don't forget you can to...

As we become adults some tend to forget this message of positive energy and Hope that is filled in one's self that allows us to make strides towards our goals with success and less failure. Our meaning of life is to live it! Not just to survive it. That is not how i choose to live my life. you can make that choice as well.. we all can do it. I believe in you. so you should to.,

Amen Blessed be Peace to all Jeremy Henry

Monday, June 25, 2018

How bitcoin price works in rise and fall.

wow did you see bitcoin price yet today.... it's at a staggering 2018 low.

and it is amazing to think at the end of December last year bitcoin was at $20,000

so how is bitcoin price calculated....?

ok to breack it down it is based of the buy and sell of the coin it's self...

when more users buy in the price jumps.

as coin users sell the price drops at every sell...

so say you have $100 in bitcoins right now (satoshi's)

and you sell them at current market value that $100 in bitcoin you just sold is set at current market rate and is sold at that rate.

so for every investor that see's the market dip and sell to keep some profits you actually hurt the market...

This is done because the price of bitcoin is based on the demand and the buy in at that time... so if you buy $100 worth of bitcoin at current value the bitcoin price goes up... so your are actually helping your profit margin when buying in and not selling at at low value...

This is done to help show the current market depth of the coin and how well it is in demand at this time.

So buying in at a low $6100 for a bitcoin can really make you some major money and raise your profits to experiential heights...

So what are you waiting for bitcoin is going to be the money used for all online purchases very soon. it's best to get in on the ground floor while there is still time...

Good luck and happy investing..

Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Digital Nomads & crypto-currencies can it be! News 2018

When 2018 The major topic of allot sites and news blogs had crypto on the tongue from the crypto market boom towards the end of the month of December 2017, when BTC ( Bitcoion ) reached a jaw dropping $20,000 usd.

The world was in shock how could something digital based hit such a high price.

It's because of the demand for more users to take back control of there lives and not allow them self's to fall victim to a system that allows family and friends end in the poor house because they try to live a comfortable life with less money stresses, but it is a never ending process..

Welcome to The Digital Nomadic Age 2018!!

Nomads are popular again and gaining ground. People of all walks of live working remotely while they live there life see new places and spread income across the planet. When they travel from place to p[lace they take there income with them and spend it where they visit.

This is great for the economy but that is for another post.

Nomads are individuals that roam from here to there while providing a product or services to life off of.. Into days digital nomad products and services are becoming obsolete to have a residual income to self sustain your life while you travel. This doesn't mean there will never bee any more products or services that would be stupid to think that maybe they all would just disappear. not going to happen so don't even go there.

products and services are what keeps the world turning.. but why do you have to depend on these for a income. why couldn't you play a few games on a mobile device and earn free crypto and then trade to make gains in your net worth..  You are the only one that knows what your abilities are worth. when you work for a product or service price your capping your income so you can never really reach your full potential.

It's sicking really it is..

so with crypto your able to take a few bucks into the markets and turn it around for large amounts that can provide you with enough to cover you life day by day week by week month by month.

It's freaking awesome...

it's so awesome that more and more are moving to crypto with allot to do with wall street reaching it's final destination as new generations take over.

The youth of this world is coming up fast.

believe it..

So whats that mean  for nomads?

what if i told you there is a coin new to crypto currency that came out earlier and is gaining ground fast. On 4-12-2018 this new currency jumped to:

Last Price 0.00000028 24h Volume 11.58271731 Bid 0.00000027 Ask 0.00000029 24h High 0.00000927 24h Low 0.00000011 24h Trade Count 888

as can be found on the crypto coins trading page Here.

On January 26th 2018 a new coin hit the ground running and has not stopped.

Nomad Coin is born and now digital nomads have there own crypto currency to trade amoung each other to help them along life's journey.

A little bit about Nomad coin:

full stats of this coin are found on the ANN link here.

  • pos
  • Fast transactions
  • Fantastic community support
  • Low difficulty:
    • 210m total supply
    • premine 15% 
    • min coin age - 3 hours
    • 50 coins per block pow
    • 50 coins per block pos
    • tx min fee 0.1 NMD
    • algorithm hmq1725
    • block size: 6mb
    • last pow block: 1000000
    • p2p port: 15716
    • rpc port: 15717
    • testnet p2p port: 25716
    • testnet rpc port: 25717

Why this coin has significant innovations over other coins!

 ****** This coin is using a new secure hashing algorithm and is the most innovative thing about it. It has a HMQ1725 algo which stands for "Highly Modified Quark 17 algorithms 25 hash rounds". The algo enhances on quark with 17 different algorithms going through 25 rounds of hashing. it is asic proof, meaning it can only be mined with a cpu or gpu

thats awesome.

I want some .... really i do .. don't you?

So go get your nomad and get started making a change for the better for you and those around

Go get it Nomads.

Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Bitcoin and the potential for 2018

When Bitcoin started out back on January of 2009 I wonder if the creator ever thought that by December 2017 that Bitcoin would cap at $20,000 for one Bitcoin. When Satoshi Nakamoto Created The Crypto Currency he had in mind a currency that could be used every where without exchange rates, or having to deal with banks control over the currency with a middle man stake in the currency that would allow them to grow interest for them with your money.

Now as 2018 approaches then end of it’s first month the very popular currency has been holding steady at $10,000+ per coin. But the question on the currency coin users minds is “Will the coin reach $20,000 again this year and will it stay steady.”

The answer to that question is yes. Why and how do I know is an easy answer..

The currency value is based on the demand for the coin and how it used. So as of February 2015, over 100,000 merchants and vendors accepted Bitcoin as payment. So that means that more merchants are seeing the value of the coin and allowing it’s valued customers to use the coin for payment of products and services rendered. Witch is also playing a huge part in the growth of every day Americans getting in on the currency usage and allowing the demand for the coin to gain more ground.

So with this in mind the demand raises the value per coin as such the demand for a product allows the price reduce for it. But because this is a currency that has value on markets it gains in value instead of reduction. This allows those of us with less than one coin to have more value for the small amount being held in wallets, exchanges and more.

These days as Bitcoin rises in value per coin you are seeing a large growth in alt (alternative) coins. This mean that you are able to trade off the alt coins for a small amount of Bitcoins witch are called Satoshi’s witch is called after the creator of the Bitcoin currency.

So here is the break down of how Satoshi’s work just in case you are new to the currency.

1000 Satoshi’s = 0.00001000 ( decimal to the 8th place )

now with bitcoin and other alt coins instead decreasing to the 8th place you gain to the hole number..

so with that being said say you have 0.99999999 Satoshi’s so you are very close to one hole bitcoin (1.00000000)

now if you have 1.00000000 bitcoin’s you have at todays value (January 16th 2018 ) $12373.68 witch is a nice amount. But does take quite some time to reach one bitcoin these days working faucets and bitcoin games… most games and faucets pay out as low as 1 satoshi witch is 0.00000001 bitcoins. Up to a few hundred if you find the good one’s…

At this point in the year to transfer bitcoins from one place to onther or to send to friends that use the currency you are looking to to spend about $20 (0.00100000 satoshi’s) for the transaction fee. As the currency gains in value of course the value of that amount of satoshi’s will also grow in $ amount worth.

So what makes the bitcoin claim to hit $20,000 this year well with the year end just before Christendom the value of one bitcoin was about $22,000 witch most users of the currency believed they would see it hit $25,000. S many users where gitty with glee for the season and for the cost of one bitcoin. But unfortunate it never reach that point because as the holiday grew closer allot of users dumped there coins to gain cash for the holiday season because of the economy still being in a repair state. So as the year (2018) progresses the usage of bitcoin regains ground and value growth as long as the united states government stays away from trying to to detour people from going to the very popular currency. This is done because most have stakes in bank stocks and if more users stop using local brick and motor banks they will lose money in the process. So why not try to scare users away from the popular currency.. but the value and large amount of users speak for it’s self.

So my recommendation is to get using the popular coin as of today this week or by months end while the currency is still at a low value and would give you a better chance to see the coin grow you investment in it by the middle of the year.

By june of 2018 the price of bit coin can and should reach $20k - $25k easy so by the end of this year we could see it reach $30k value easy..

so why wait to start when you could be a part of the largest growth of the popular currency in history.

Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Here's how to cut your power bill up to 75%

it's really important that you stop whatever you're doing, find a quiet place and watch this short video while you still can...

My friend Jeff Davis reveals the REAL reason you're paying so much for electricity...

And he shows you how to SLASH your electric bill by up to 75% using a simple new method.

If you're like me, and you've sick and tired of electricity prices going up month after month...

...and you want to DO something about it, you owe it to yourself to watch this video ASAP.

Jeff's a great guy who knows what it's like to struggle to pay overpriced power bills each month while also working hard to support his family...

But Jeff finally had enough one day when he and his family lost power for several days and they were in pretty dire straits. He was DONE paying for overpriced power that was so unreliable...

His story is a little shocking but you won't believe it until you see it.

Watch the video now though because I don't know how much longer it will be up.

Have a great day,
Blessed be
Peace to all
Jeremy Henry

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